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Taiyo Kikai Kogyo, Inc. was established in Kyoto in 1943. Since then, we have been developing and manufacturing various types of machinery with a main focus on gears.
From product planning and heat treatment to finish, all the processes are consistently carried out in our factory alone, and both OEM and ODM are supported. We provide value-added products with the most advanced technology and creativity, and have gained favor with various clients.
We also build prototypes and are capable of producing from a small amount of special gears and pumps. The strict quality control standard, ISO 9001 certification, has been acquired, approving our capability of providing reliable quality products. ISO 140001 certification has also been acquired to cope with favorable environment.

Corporate History

Nov 1943 Founded as “Taiyo Koku Kogyo, Inc.” in Yamanouchi, Ukyoku, Kyoto
Jun 1958 The head office moved to Kujo Factory and was renamed “Taiyo Kikai Kogyo, Inc.”
May 1978 “Kameoka Factory” was built in Kameoka, Kyoto
Machinery division (automotive division) was moved from Kujo Factory
Electric division was moved from Yamanouchi Factory
Nov 1985 “Oi Factory” was built in Oicho, Kameokashi
Electric division was moved from Kameoka Factory
Apr 1992 “Sonobe Factory” was built in Sonobecho, Funaigun, Kyoto (present Sonobecho, Nantanshi)
Gear production for small-sized FR manual transmission commenced
Jan 1993 Large-sized FR manual transmission assembly started
Mar 1998 2,400 square meters extension of Sonobe Factory completed
Jan 2001 Cogeneration system operation started
May 2001 3,600 square meters extension of Sonobe Factory completed
May 2002 Sonobe factory acquired ISO 14001 certification
Dec 2003 Electric division acquired ISO 9001 certification
May 2004 Heat treatment plant was completed in Sonobe Factory
Apr 2007 Electric division became independent as “Taiyo Aquris, Inc.”
May 2007 1,200 square meters extension of Sonobe Factory completed

Main Products

Transmission-related Products

  • Manual transmission assembly
  • Automatic transmission parts

Engine-related Products

  • Oil pump assembly
  • Oil filter bracket assembly

Other Products

  • Parts for industrial machinery
  • Air conditioner articles