2. Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality control as a professional in gear production

Taiyo Kikai Kogyo, Inc. conducts quality control of its own in the process of producing oil pump gears that are used for automobile transmission gears, engines, and transmissions.
In the gear processing, broad factors that affect accuracy are the following three elements.

  1. 「Tool management」
  2. 「Daily precision control of gear」
  3. 「Thermal strain management in heat treatment」

We clarify these management practices and link the causal relationship to the control system, and while maintaining high accuracy, gear machining is conducted to achieve the best cost performance.

Tool management

The main tool for processing gears is a hob shaving cutter.
As the first stage management, at the time of determining the hob specifications, we need to consider the tool specifications while taking into account the possible thermal strain. We perform a strain investigation to grasp the amount of thermal strain which will then be reflected upon the specifications of the tool.
As the second stage management, we continually watch the health conditions of the tools by making a diagnostic sheet for every tool to monitor the accuracy of tool usage and product precision.

Precision control of gear

We proceed to process products only with the tools on which the amount of thermal distortion have been carefully examined. The amount of distortion is not fixed due to the seasonal and environmental influences; therefore we perform management by thoroughly defining the criteria for various change patterns assuming irregular transformations. Also, to prevent inaccuracy by human judgment, quality control is limited to authorized persons while taking countermeasures against human errors to strengthen the management of gear accuracy.

Management of thermal strain in heat treatment

No matter how great precision gear is made before heat treatment, it gets nowhere if the accuracy is lost afterwards. Therefore before proceeding to the heat treatment, we patiently work in producing a precise gear while carefully examining the thermal distortion amount. Also, by managing the level of gear accuracy to prevent irregulars, we are committed to early detection of abnormalities.